New Zealand EV Scene

Russell Watson(ニュージーランド)

Electric Avenue Whangarei REV –Up Event April 2021

EV Events

Like many countries Covid-19 has given us some challenges regarding events, but there have been periods with little or no Covid-19 in the community. This allowed some annual events such as EV World held in Auckland to be run in May 2021 and in Whangarei City the Festival of Motor Sport ‘REV Up’ event was held in April 2021. REV Up is a display of all types of motors vehicles with the organizers making a specific section for EVs, ‘Electric Avenue’. One advantage of EVs is there are no exhaust emissions so the Electric Avenue was set up inside the shopping mall.

Government Initiates

One of the most important new Government initiatives has the introduction of the “clean car discount” (rebate) for low emission light vehicles. This scheme runs from 1 July 2021 until 31 March 2022.

New Vehicle Used Import
EV $8,625 (¥600,000) $3,450 (¥240,000)
PHEV $5,750 (¥400,000) $2,300 (¥160,000)

※Exchange rate 2022.03.18

The Government has also continued to support EVs initiatives through their Low Emission Transport Fund managed by the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA). This is a contestable fund with selected projects financed on co-funded arrangements. This fund has helped to grow the network of charging stations across New Zealand with a focus on rapid charging.

The light vehicle fleet in New Zealand continues to grow at an increasing rate.

New Zealand EV fleet, source Ministry of Transport

Northland Projects

Two recent Northland projects include ChargeNet’s new Kaiwaka charging station. This station has two 300kW hyper-rapid chargers, each hyper-rapid charger can simultaneously charge up to three EVs (two CCS leads and one CHAdeMO lead). Kaiwaka is on the main highway between Auckland and Whangarei and was the town where ChargeNet installed their first rapid charger, which is still operating. ChargeNet now has a Nation-wide network of over 250 rapid chargers and their charging network is still growing.

Hyper-Chargers, Kaiwaka Northland

The second project was a venture by a local Whangarei EV enthusiast Joe Camuso establishing mini 25kW DC charging stations at three locations frequented by both visitors and locals. The charger has both CCS and CHAdeMO leads, so is able to charge all makes of EVs in New Zealand. These chargers were installed by Hubands Energy a local company specialising in the installation of PV systems. In New Zealand EV enthusiasts have played an important role in the uptake of EVs and EV charging facilities in their communities.

Joe Camuso at his Whangarei Town Basin Charger, (one of three Joe has installed)

Both projects were support by the EECA’s Low Emission Transport Fund.

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