New Zealand EV Scene Update

Russell Watson(New Zealand)

Plug in electric vehicles numbers continue to increase at a growing rate. The number of EVs and PHEVs are rapidly approaching 20,000. There is also more choice of EVs with new models becoming available in New Zealand. These models include the Tesla model 3, Kia Niro, Audi eTron and the Jaguar iPace also Nissan has re-entering the New Zealand market with the new generation 40kWh Leaf.

Figure 1 : EV & PHEV uptake Ministry of Transport web site up to 31 January 2020

Despite other makes of EVs becoming available the Nissan Leaf remains the most common EV in New Zealand, with around 50% of all EVs and PHEVs are Nissan Leafs. The EV (includes PHEV) uptake in New Zealand varies between the Regions, it is unclear why there is such a variation, factors such as regional availability of EVs and charging stations, local EV events and activities, driving conditions, socioeconomics are all possible reasons for this regional variation.

Figure 2: EV Uptake by Region (based on data from the Ministry of Transport and Stats NZ)

There is an increasing availability of long range and high performance EVs in New Zealand, recently in Northland the Jaguar i-Pace, Audi eTron and the Tesla Model 3 have appeared.

Figure 3: Jaguar i-Pace at a Car Event in Paihia Northland

Figure 4: Audi e-Tron Charging at Northpower Head Office in Whangarei Northland

Figure 5: Tesla Model 3 Charging at Northpower Head Office Whangarei Northland

EV World was again held in Auckland, it is a conference with a free public open day on the last day. There is also awards ceremony to recognise those who have made major contributions. There are 4 awards, “EV Champion of the Year”, “Most Friendly EV Town of the Year”, “Fleet Champion of the Year” and “EV Sales & Service of the Year”. The 2019 EV Champion was Joe Camuso a Whangarei EV enthusiasts, who has organised many EV events and has been involved in the establishment of many of the charging station in Northland.
The 2020 EV World is scheduled for 30th and 31st October in Auckland, with the 31st being the public open day.

Figure 6: ChargeNet Stand at EV World 2019,in Auckland

Figure 7: Joe Camuso, EV Champion of the Year 2019

The local EV community participate in “Drive Electric Week”, with an EV display at the Whangarei Growers Market with demonstrations available for those interested in experiencing a ride in an EV.

Figure 8: EV Display Whangarei Growers Market – Drive Electric Week September 2019

New Zealand does not mandate which type of charging port is to be used for either AC or DC charging. However new EVs into New Zealand with the exception of the Japanese and Renault (which only has AC charging) EVs are now being supplied with Type 2 Combined Charging System (CCS) ports. Due to the popularity of Nissan Leaf, the Nissan e-N200 van and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, DC rapid chargers generally have both CHAdeMO and Type 2 CCS plugs. However used EV imports will have the charging ports used in the country of origin, therefore the number of EVs with CHAdeMO DC port and a Type 1 AC port is still increasing.

Figure 9: 50 kW DC charger at Kaiwkaka, Northland with two lead CHAdeMO & CCS

Figure 10: CCS (DC & AC in the one port) EV Charging Port

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